• Marcin Slawek

      Marcin, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts graduate, has a passion for imagery, music and snowboarding, always creates an engaging content provoking the viewer’s feelings & senses. His animation 'Japanese Balls' was screened all-over the world on Onedotzero festivals, noticed by Stash, Institute of Contemporary Art London, Animago, Pictoplasma, Annecy, Viedram. 'New Urban Legends' series, was presented on London Film Festival, Cottbus, Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes, Warszawski Festiwal Filmowy.
      His commercial credits include projects for Orange, Plus, UFC, Kellogg’s and companies like Alien King Fu, Parasol Island, Duck Studios. Having worked for many clients and brands, he has established a great ability of consumer inside understanding.
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    • Bartek Kalinowski

      Sometimes he's a designer, sometimes - creative director but his true passion is bringing the spark of life into static images. Polish and Japanese Institute of Information Technology graduate with specialization in 3D graphics, started his professional travel at Orka Studio then he moved to Lunapark. Currently he's head of Animation Dept. at Televisor and at the same time contributes a lot with his creativity to ColorTV projects. Bartek has worked for such clients as Orange, Plus, Toyota, Coca Cola, n-tv platform. Nominated to Yach Festival 2011 for „Inspiracje2” videoclip of JWP hip hop group and also to Kreatura 2012 competition for n-tv station identity, which was noticed by international community of branding experts (Choi's Gallery, Brand New Awards). Bartek is an enthusiast of long journeys during which he loves to taste local cuisine, especially spicy food.
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